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'Unity in diversity' describes culture of India at its best. Different people of multiple ethnicities and communities share a harmonious relationship with each other in India. Incredibly rich in heritage and culture, India offers amazing India cultural tours. These cultural tours of India are best suited to travelers seeking a peek into customs, traditions and legacy of India. Culture of India is reflected in its language, music and dance, food, people, religions, architecture, literature and varied customs.


Official language of India is Hindi nevertheless English enjoys the status of being a second language in India and not a foreign language as in some other countries. Besides, there are many languages spoken in India. There are many famous quotations that describe multilingual society of India. Indian languages have further dialects and sub dialects.


Majorly Hinduism is followed by Indian citizens. But owing to its secularism, India is a home to many religions' followers. Besides Hinduism people also follow Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism.


Indian families are typically patriarchal in nature. Male person of the family is the head and has sole right to take decisions. He dominates his family. But families are an integral part of Indian culture. India is known for family ties where many members of family live under the same roof. Joint families of India are much honored. Now a days nuclear families are increasing in number.


Indian Marriages are an affair of a lifetime. An extravaganza of pomp and show is a characteristic feature of Indian marriages these days. Till date people believe in arranged marriages where the parents of bride and groom settle the relationship. Divorce Rate is very low in India as it is a taboo in Indian culture.


Indians greet each other by saying 'Namaste'. As a gesture of respect everyone says Namaste upon meeting. An Indian scholar explains in literal terms Namaste refers to 'That which is of God in me bows to that which is of God in you'.

Festivals in India

Indian festivals are marked with much fun and frolic. These festivals are majorly of three kinds - religious, National and tourist festivals. Indians love to feast and treat during these festivals.
Some of the major festivals of India are Holi, Diwali, Dusshera, Id and Christmas.


As India has been influenced by many cultures, Indian cuisine is also unique. Use of spices, herbs and condiments is quite common here. Chapatti, Dal, Rice is staple Indian food. Besides, you get to have several other cuisine been made here.


Indian women typically don saris and men are seen in traditional clothes like dhoti, kurta, lungi. As languages, clothing style of Indians also differ from region to region.

Performing Arts

India is a haven of performing arts. Indian dances and music are appreciated by many across the globe. Classical dances of India like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Odissi etc. and folk dances of India like bhangra, garba, dandiya, kalbelia, etc are a pleasure to see. Music of India includes multiple varieties of religious, folk, popular, pop, and classical music.



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