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When hectic and erratic life schedules leave you wary you have one resort to eliminate your stress and feel the bliss of rejuvenation. This resort is - hath yoga or yoga as it is referred to as in common. Introduced by Yogi Swatmarama who is revered as an Indian yogic sage of the 15th century, yoga has become quite a buzz these days as the benefits of yoga that people reap are much everlasting as compared to other forms of exercises. This amazing yoga asana is not only the most common of all yoga forms but is the conceiver of many others forms of yoga including Bikram yoga, Power yoga, Ashtanga yoga and Kundalini yoga.

Yoga is such form of yoga that acts a primary stage of physical purgation, that eliminates negativity and brings in positivity in us. The term hath is a fusion of two words Ha and Tha where ha implies sun and tha implies moon that refers to prana and apaana. It also connotes to the chief water bodies that are looked upon as energy resources and which are helpful in attaining the concentration power used while meditation.

There is one more meaning of hath yoga. Hath, in Sanskrit, means 'forceful' so hath yoga also refers to forceful yoga where a person forcefully gathers his senses and try to seek purgation through meditation and asanas. Hath yoga is most influential way to have a perfect health. Hath yoga comprises of six limbs- namely Asana, Pranayama (yogic breathing), Pratyahara, Dharan, Dhyana (meditation), and Samadhi (deep meditative contemplation) - that are helpful for Samadhi.

Benefits of Yoga

Hath Yoga is the best way to attain that spiritual bliss when your mind and your body appeases and form equilibrium. The asanas or postures of hath yoga also helps the fatigued mind and body releasing spiritual components and thus it help us connecting with ourselves. The breathing techniques also called Pranayam and meditation that are the quintessential features of hath yoga are a way to achieve to what every human strives for - a perfect disposition. Hath yoga practices assure cure and prevention of many diseases even chronic ones. From common illnesses to chronic diseases hath yoga has a cure for all.

Asana of Yoga

The asnas of hath yoga have two basic functions. The practicing of asans can offer a person an enlightenment on meditation as a person has to sit in a certain posture for over a period of time. This offers real time mediation to the person who practices asans of hath yoga. Moreover these practices open new vistas of spirituals and mental health for a person.

One should strive not only to master the various postures of hath yoga but he should also develop skill to concentrate, strong will power, control over sensory organs. After all this is what saints did in early eras.


Prayanama is an important practice of hath yoga that is required to have command over one's breathing patterns. It is based on the priniciple that by mastering one's breath one can master his mind easily. A vital force is regulated whenever a person breathes and this vitality is key component to attain the bliss of Samadhi where you are at peace with yourself and the world around you.



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