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General Tips For India & Nepal Travel

  • Tour to India or Nepal can be a wee bit unnerving for the first-time visitor to India & Nepal. The lifestyle and culture is totally different from the West Countries. I have prepared a list of some important things for hassle-free and enjoyable travel in India & nepal.

  • A proper VISA to enter and stay in India & Nepal is a must. There are reported cases when travelers are advised non-requirement of Indian/Nepal VISA by their travel agents. Practically every foreign national requires VISA to enter these countries.

  • Do not encourage beggars.

  • Don't trust strangers with money. Trust your hotel, but not people you may bump into on the streets.

  • Don't offer bribes to get any job done. Bribe-taking and bribe-giving are a common practice in India but they are intended to speed up things or win a favor that you are not entitled to. Plan well in advance. Use consultants or trade and industry associations.

  • If you expect favors, let them come free or not at all. Warn anyone (even in government) who asks you for a bribe that you would report him to the Anti-Corruption Bureau or the nearest police-station. If he persists, do it discreetly so that he can be caught red-handed.

  • Indian English has its own delights especially to foreigners of English nativity. Don't show amusement at the different Indian accents and choice of words. This does not take away from the fact that many Indians speak and write better English than many native English speakers.

  • It is advisable to cover yourself with travel insurance for thefts, loss and medi-claim.

  • Carry proper maps of the places proposed to visit in India/Nepal, as signboards are often absent. Try to reach a station during daytime if traveling on your own. In any case avoid persistent touts and taxi-drivers at airport/stations/bus stand to help you find your hotel. Always use tourist assistance desk for proper advice.

  • Women traveling alone in certain deserted places should avoid walking at odd hours.

  • While changing money, insist on getting encashment certificate.

  • Do not checkout of the hotel in hurry. While checking out it has been noticed in some hotels, the extras are unreasonably charged which the guest hurriedly pays without cross-checking.

  • Do not leave your cash and valuables in your hotel rooms. Keep your cash divided in different pockets.

  • Take care of proper disposal of your rubbish always whether you are exploring desert, or Himalayas or beaches or anywhere else.

  • Don't accept offers of visiting anyone's home unless you are confident of the person.

  • Use licensed guides for sightseeing.

  • Always use strong suitcases/baggage, as mishandling is common at airports/stations.

  • Don't tip unreasonably and unnecessarily in a hotel. The NEWS soon spreads in the hotel and by the time you checkout there will be a group of them saluting you to expect something.

  • In Monsoon time avoid night stay in the desert while you do camel safari.

  • Most of the monuments give very good discount for students from all over the world. They must carry there valid school identity card.
  • There is no shortage of hotels in Delhi. There are many people offering hotel related services at the airport. If you must consider employing their services, make sure they have some kind of a visiting card. Take the card to a nearby police officer or airport authority personal and ask him if it is a good hotel or not.



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