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Historical Places of India

Indian subcontinent is dotted with traces of history all over. Its golden history has shaped its present and will helping shaping its future. Historical places of India refer to all those places that have helped the country to take its own course in bygone eras. Indian historical places are an ideal way to enjoy India tours. Sightseeing in historical places of India is the best alternative to delve deep in glorious history of India.

The famous historical places of India are a home to many structures of prominence and traveler's delight. These structures are known for the excellent architecture styles and lavishness with which they are built. Each of these structures is a testimony to the historical India. Being a melting pot for many cultures, religions, rulers and empires, India has catered to shape itself historically important.

Some of the famous historical places in India that offer amazing travel experience are:

Taj Mahal

Located on the banks of River Yamuna, Taj Mahal accentuates beauty of Agra as well. Built to commemorate the loving memory of his beloved wife Shah Jahan, Taj Mahal is of course the hallmark of the city. Millions of travelers come here to see the charisma of this beauty crafted in white marble. History records that Taj Mahal dates back to 1630 AD.

Fatehpur Sikri

Once, a proud capital of Mughal Empire in the 16th century, Fatehpur Sikri, is now a travel destination for historical tours in India. Come here and get carried back by the charm of medieval times that are recreated through its royal palaces and courtyards. Built of red sandstone, it is real delight to see the city ruins today.


Your history tours in India cannot be completed without a visit to Hampi. Today it may be a laid back village but it was once the last capital of Vijayanagar, one of the greatest Hindu empires in India's history. The landscape here is teamed up with fascinating ruins dating back to 14th century and boulders.

Ajanta Ellora Caves

Amazingly carved into hillside rock in the middle of nowhere are the Ajanta and Ellora caves. The historical sites of India are too ancient and date back to 2th and 11th century A.D. on one hand where Ajanta caves are known for paintings and sculptures, Ellora Caves are remarkable for their exceptional architecture. The most incredible thing about these caves is that they were crafted by hand, with only a hammer and chisel.

Khajuraho Temples

Anyone who seeks to have proof that Kamasutra originated in India can come to Khajuraho temples in Madhya Pradesh. The place is worth seeing for it sensuality and attraction. Erotica prevails in all twenty temples located here that are devoted to basic and natural human instincts. The erotic sculptures are a real delight to see and marvel at the architectural excellence. Here you also get to have peek into traditions of ancient Hindu faith and Tantric practices.

Thus embarking upon an India historical tour is the best way to explore all these famous historical sites of India.



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