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Mountain Trekking in India

Trekking in India is one of the most preferred adventure sports of India that tourists go for. The tour packages for mountain trekking in India are tailored keeping in mind the budget, need and level of trekking of trekkers. India Mountain trekking refers to the spellbinding famous treks of India that are a real pleasure to be discovered. Trekking tours in India are clubbed with camping tours of India, thereby making these adventure tours in India all the more exhilarating. The trekking enthusiasts bravely challenge the tough treks but the end result of this difficulty is awesome - an adventurous expedition after all.

Trekking Tours of India

Mountain trekking tours in India is run during April to November. However, there are some treks where India trekking tours can be thoroughly enjoyed round the year. Climbing up mountains is not easy but trekkers least bother for the difficulty they face because they love to have a panoramic view of lofty mountain ranges, cascading waterfalls, exotic species of herbs, flora and fauna.

Trekking tour packages in India

There are many tour operators who offer some of the most lucrative offers for trekking in Indian mountains. These tours are bound to give you a memorable experience. A beginner or a professional, these tour packages are customized as per your personal knowledge and capability of trekking. If camping tours are a part of these trekking tours, then the travel agents arrange for luxurious tents where the trekkers can spend their night under a moonlit sky. Enjoying performances of local artists, savoring local cuisine is also included in these tour packages. The travel agent also arranges for the equipments required while trekking.

Famous Treks of India

Although each state of India has been endowed with superb treks, however, there are some famous Indian treks that are liked by the travelers. These are as follows:

  • - Markha Valley Trek
  • - Frozen River Trek
  • - Kinner Kailash Trek
  • - Nubra Valley Trek
  • - Ladakh Zanskar Trek
  • - Dodi Tal Trek
  • - Har ki dun Trek
  • - Sikkim and Kanchenjunga Trek
  • - From Darjeeling to Kanchenjunga Trek
  • - RoopKund Lake Trek
  • - Milam Glacier Trek
  • - Nanda Devi Trek

Trekking Tips in India

Your trekking in India can be made more comfortable if you keep in mind the Dos and Don’ts while your expedition.

  • - Confirm with your travel agent what facilities he is providing to you.
  • - Keep your baggage equipped with some essential things like water bottle, sunscreen, sun glasses, medical first aid kit, an extra pair of clothing,
  • - Do follow the instructions that your guide gives you on your tour.
  • - Respect the local customs of the area you are traveling in.
  • - Be a little cautious and always prefer to trek in a group.
  • - Avoid wearing revealing, body hugging clothes.
  • - Check your shoes before starting as shoes of good quality can only endure the challenges of the treks.
  • - Keep your documents’ copy (VISA, Passport) in your bag.
  • - Some areas require permit for trekking. Check with the tour operator if he has obtained the permit.



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