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Gwalior is a city with a dramatic, colourful history, its foundation due to the warrior Suraj Sen being cured of leprosy by the hermit, Gwalipa, who lived on the hilltop where the fort stands. The walls of the fort contain almost the entire hilltop, some 3km by 1km, and there are many buildings within - the Mansingh Palace with its unusual decoration of blue ducks, the delightful Mother-in-law (Sasbahu) and Daughter-in law temples, among other temples and palaces - as well as some impressive (but sadly mutilated) Jain sculptures in the rock on the approach road. The Jai Vilas Palace in the city contains some unusual and interesting items, including Belgian chandeliers a cut glass balustrades on the stairs, and a silver model railway which carried condiments, etc.






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