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Agra is famous as the home of the Taj Mahal, a monument of love built by Shah Jehan in 1630 for his Queen Mumtaz Mahal. It has held the world awestruck ever since with its wonderful inlay work of semi precious stones and rich marble carving. City sightseeing also includes Agra Fort where Shah Jehan was imprisoned by his son, giving him a tantalising glimpse of the Taj Mahal: Across the river from the Taj is the delightful smaller scale Itmud-ud-Daulah.

Agra tours and travels is an affair of tradition amalgamated in culture and heritage. Tourists who go for Agra tours are never disappointed. A perfect vacation destination, a unique weekend getaway, an ideal place to enjoy honeymoon – whichever way you describe Agra, the place is just to perfect. Hadn’t it been so, Shah Jahan would never had considered it to be the final resting place of his beloved wife. And had this idea not struck his mind, people wouldn’t have the privilege to swear their love by Taj Mahal.


Tourist Attraction

Taj Mahal : Agra is incredibly beautiful with lot of activities buzzing around. The kaleidoscopic view of Agra city offers numerous attractions. There is one obvious reason why tourist flock this once Mughal city - tourist attractions of Agra. Yes! Breathtaking lavishly built monuments are icon of sightseeing tours in Agra. Although there are many famous places to see in Agra but one thing that cannot be afforded to miss out is magnificent Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal tours is the first and foremost thing that comes to anyone’s mind thinking of Agra sightseeing tours. This stupendous monument by Shah Jahan in fond memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal still enjoys the status of being an epitome of love. Till date it poses as a muse for many artists from any walk of life. The glory of white marble has attracted hordes of travelers since ages.

Agra Fort
Besides Taj Mahal, next thing that will definitely grab your eye balls is colossal Red Fort or Agra Fort. Tour packages for Agra are never complete without seeing this terrific piece of architecture. Made of red sandstone, the fort stands erected and bespeaks its golden past. There are many palaces inside this fort. Hiring a guide here is a good option as he will help you explore about the fort.

Mini Taj
Next in the list of places of interest in Agra comes Itimad-ul-daulah. Though it may not be as popular as Taj, yet it is nicknamed as ‘Mini Taj’. It is an exquisite tomb of Mirza Ghiyas Beg, the chief minister of Jehangir. The tomb was built by Nur Jahan, his daughter who married Jehangir. Tourists should also not miss Akbar’s Mausoleum which proudly stands in sandstone and marble. To the extreme opposite of Taj Mahal lies Mehtab Bagh that is an effort to re-create the Mughal style garden on the Yamuna river bank.


Agra shopping expedition

If you on a tour to Agra, you cannot miss shopping expedition. Shopping in Agra is a fun filled activity. There are malls, markets, super markets, departmental stores, shops set by UP Tourism Board where you can buy the stuffs and fill your shopping bags. Buying souvenirs like miniature Taj Mahal, exclusive range of leather articles is a wise thing to do. In addition to this, you can visit Shilpgram where you can have beautiful handicrafts for yourself or for gifting someone.  

How to reach Agra

If you are wondering how to reach Agra, then here comes the answer. Agra is well connected by Railways, roads and air. You can come to Agra by bus, taxi, trains or airplanes. Agra Cant is the main railway station of the city. There are two bus terminals here and earlier there was Agra Kheria Airport here. Today the nearest airport to Agra is Delhi.






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