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Bikaner is a Royal fortified city, once a major trading post between Africa, West Asia and the Far East. The city's deity is Karni Mata and the temple dedicated to her provides sanctuary to rats in the belief that those who serve the goddess are reborn as rats. Places of interest are Junagarh Fort, built around 1593 and having 37 palaces, temples and pavilions; Lalgarh Palace; the Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum and a rare Jain temple which is decorated with paintings rather than the usual carving.

On your Rajasthan tour, one destination that should not be missed out is Bikaner. Although each district of Rajasthan is replete with culture but Bikaner is quite special in terms of history and heritage. People always remember Bikaner when they relish the delicious ‘Bkinari Bhujiya’. Among the demesne of Rajputs, Bikaner holds a secondary position. Till date the city has strived to maintain its sheen as popular desert destination in the state and this is the reason people flock this place for enjoying a memorable holiday.


Tourist Attractions

Horde of tourist attractions in Bikaner welcomes the travelers who embark upon a tour to Bikaner. Bikaner is know for world famous Junagarh Fort which was built by Raja Rai Singh. Travelers to this fort are awestruck by the array of 37 mahals here. Anup Mahal, Ganga Niwas and Rang Mahal are worth seeing here.

Next in the list of sightseeing places of Bikaner is Ganga Government Museum. Close to Lalgarh Palace by Maharaja Ganga Singh, this museum is built in red sandstone. Also known as Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum, this museum hunting trophies that provides evidence of the existence of life around 320 AD.

Prachina Museum is another place of interest in Bikaner that is a storehouse of Bikaner's art and crafts exhibiting the rituals, beliefs custom and manners of the people of Bikaner. Tourists must not miss out stone studded mirror frames, lacquer lamps, embroidered camel hide crafts, silver and metal artifacts and gold leaf craft and other artifacts.

If forts and museums is not your pick, you can visit the temples here. Devotees can offer their prayers at Bhandasar Jain Temple and Shiv Bari Temple.

There are many things to do on trip to Bikaner. You can go for a camel safari in Bikaner on the vast Thar Desert. Bet! No other adventure is as thrilling as a ride on a camel’s back. Safari tours in Bikaner are quite worthwhile. Sightseeing is one alternative besides, there are many more like going for camp. The highlight of camps is that you can have a stay in traditional camps and enjoy local musical performances.




Shopping in Bikaner

You can also go for shopping tours in Bikaner. Shopping in Bikaner is really a hot pick among travelers. Savoring tangy taste of local preparations is a good idea. Choose from a wide range of arts and crafts. The handicrafts here are too good to have. Souvenirs of Bikaner include local blankets, rugs, carpets, wood carvings, woven carpets, Nokha Quilts. Ladies can go for buying an exclusive range of Rajasthani saris, tie and dye dress material available in crepe, chiffon and georgette.

How to reach Bikaner

Bikaner is accessible through a good network of trains, buses and taxis. The concrete roads network connects it to other major cities of the state and country. Besides, there are many trains that connect the city railways station to many other cities of Rajasthan and India.

No more reasons are required to persuade you to go on Bikaner tours. Just pack your bags and enjoy a lifetime experience.






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