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Bundi is a relatively unexplored city with a rich historical wealth - a Rajput town so ancient that one gets the feeling of having stumbled upon a page of history. Bundi town nestles in a narrow valley, enclosed by huge walls and fortified by four gateways. In the centre of the township lies a lake. Places of interest are the Chattar Mahal or palace of towers, the 84 pillared cenotaph, the palace and Naval Sagar.

Travelers to Rajasthan always seek for true colors of the state. Rajasthan tour packages will take you one of the most exotic and famous cities of Rajasthan – Bundi. Considered to be a picturesque city, Bundi tours take the travelers back in medieval time charms. Bundi tours and travels enable the visitors to witness the laid back charm of a sleepy town with a pinch of modernity wrapped in culture and heritage. A trip to Bundi will prove to be an exciting expedition as the town is not that frequented by travelers.

So the privilege you get here is that virgin trails welcome you with a fresh ambiance. Surpassing the beauty of other towns and villages, Bundi has many lures for a traveler. As a holiday destination, Bundi is remarkable for its murals and exclusive range of paintings. The city is apparently guarded by three sides Aravalli hill ranges. The city is gifted with huge walled four gateways. Adding to its beauty is a placid lake and a fortress that date back to medieval times.


Tourist Attractions

Bundi tour packages will give you a glimpse of history of Bundi that is marked with bravery and heroism. Tourist attractions of Bundi are many and each of them is special in its own way. Top in the famous places of interest in Bundi is Taragarh Fort that dates back to the 14th century. Visitors would love to explore the fort by seeing Bhim Burj. Sunset will paint the place with its unique hue so try to be here during that time. Also included in sightseeing in Bundi is Bundi Palace that is close to the fort. Here you will get to see world famous Bundi murals.

As an integral part of Bundi culture, you will find fabulous Baoris in Bundi. These step wells are worth seeing. Some of the famous ones are Nawal Sagar, Nagar Sagar Kund and Raniji ki Baori. Additionally you can also indulge in a boat cruise ferrying you to a temple of Lord Varuna. Once you have seen the temple you can head for Chaurasi Khambon ki Chhatri where you get to witness 84 pillars built by Rao Anirudh Singh in 1683. Other tourist places of Bundi are Abhaynath Temple, Bhora ji ka Kund and Chogan gate.


Things to do

There are many things to do Bundi. But sightseeing is the first alternative that one can think of. You will be amused to see the architecture of baoris here. These step wells were once used reservoirs. Visit the ‘sabzi bazar’ here and see the hustle and bustle around.

Shopping in Bundi

Immerse yourself in serenity that the town offers you. For shopping in Bundi, you can buy souvenirs or gifts items. Local handicrafts, tie and dye materials and toys are a must buy ones. Kajli Teej will display some different colors of the city. So visit the town during that festival time.


How to Reach Bundi

A good network of roads will take you to the town by buses, taxis or personal cars. There are some important trains that run or pass by Bundi this connecting it to other cities through rail network.






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