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Rajasthan tours and travels are incomplete without witnessing the heroism and bravery of the place which the state is known for. To think of Chittaurgarh is to think of tales of courage, the hot blooded Rajput warriors and locals fables associated with it. Considered to be one of the most important cities of Rajasthan, Chittaurgarh was formerly called Chitrakoot. Producing gentries that have thrice sacrificed their lives for protecting the region is the benchmark of this city.

Chivalrous men and women have not thought twice before ruining their lives to protect the city form invasion and attacks. Chittaurgarh is synonymous to the practice of Jauhar, a ceremony of self immolation that women at that time practiced to save their honor and self respect from Ala-ud-din Khilji. Varied and marvelous as the legends, Chittaurgarh has many tourist attractions. Places of interest in Chittaurgarh include forts and palaces, temple, wildlife reserves and memorials.

Chittaurgarh is the pride & glory of Rajasthan, echoing with the tales of romance and valour unique to the Rajput tradition - a ruined citadel, where the royal past lives in its imposing forts, graceful palaces and spectacular chatris. This fortified settlement has been ravaged thrice and each time the outcome was 'Jauhar' - when women and children immolated themselves on a huge funeral pyre while men donned in the saffron robes of martyrdom rode out of the fort towards certain death. Alauddin Khilji was first to sack Chittaur in 1303, overwhelmed by a passionate desire to possess the regal beauty, Queen Padmini: legend has it he saw her face in the reflection of a mirror and was struck by her mesmerising beauty - but the noble queen preferred death to dishonour and committed 'Jauhar'.


Tourist Attractions

Tourist attractions of Chittaurgarh are quite impressive. Tourists on a tour to Chittaurgarh make a point that their itinerary should be planned in such a way that none of these magical sites are left unseen. Start your sightseeing tour in Chittaurgarh with Chittaurgarh fort. This massive fort is a witness to history and heroism. Do not miss Tower of Victory, Rana Kumbha's Palace, Fateh Prakash Palace and Rani Padmini's Palace in the fort.

Chittaurgarh tours are remarkable for visiting Vijay Stambh also. Built to commemorate the victory of Maharana Kumbha over Mahumud Khilji tourists will find fabulous sculptures of Hindu deities on this huge 9 storied tower. Another tower you should see here is Kirti Stambh. It is dedicated to Jain teerathanker Adinath. Famous tourist sites of Chittaurgarh do include Kalika Mata Temple that dates back to 8th century that was originally dedicated to sun god and later to Kali Mata.

Right from here you can go for Lokhota Bari. Next you can visit Ganmukh Reservoir located in the fort. This is a tank at the edge of the cliff. The name of the tank has originated from a spring which feeds the tank from a cow's mouth carved at the cliff’s side. The opening here will lead to the place where Padmini, along with many other women, performed jauhar. Additionally you can visit Kumbha Shyam Temple, Meerabai Temple, Mahasati, Sammidieshwar Temple and Fateh Prakash Palace on tours to Chittaurgarh.

Things to do

Except sightseeing, you can enjoy many things to do in Chittaurgarh. Exploring the fort on bicycle or a having a rickshaw ride around the fort is quite fun filled activity. Visiting nearby villages of Chittaurgarh is a worthwhile thing as you can have painted wooden toys here. Shopping in Chittaurgarh will take you emporiums set by Rajasthan Tourism board that boosts Chittaurgarh tourism also. These emporiums in addition to many other local shops and shopping centers will offer you thewa jewelry of gold designs embedded in glass and embroidered leather slip ons.

How to reach

Simply rely on the services provided by Indian railways to reach the city by trains. If you prefer journey by road, the Chittaurgarh is well connected to other cities of Rajasthan and India.






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