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Corbett National Park, the oldest in India, lies in the Garhwal and Kumaon Districts of Uttar Pradesh, extending along the banks of the Ramganga River. It was established in 1936 by the tiger hunter turned conservator Jim Corbett, and was the inspiration for the Indiawide Project Tiger. Open from mid November to mid June, the best time to see tigers is late in the season, after mid April. The reserve is also home to wild elephants, varieties of deer, monitor lizards, monkeys, leopards, crocodiles, boar and jackals, plus many migratory birds.

Wildlife tours in India are quite exhilarating as the country has plethora of wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks. One of the most famous National parks in India is Jim Corbett National Park. There are many travel companies that offer Corbett National Park Tour packages. These tour packages for Corbett National Park are custom made and can be tailored for personal requirements. Opting for a tour package is wise decision as through these packages you get to have more exploration in less time and in a better way. Thus, you can enjoy your holiday to its fullest. Going on your own is also worthwhile if you have plenty of time.

Wildlife enthusiasts horde the park round the year though the best time to visit Corbett National Park is November to March. Beautifully tucked at the foothills of Himalayas, this park is a paradise for wildlife freaks and many endangered species of flora and fauna. However, this India's most beautiful wildlife areas is popular for considerable number of tiger population of around 160, thus making it last and the most important citadel of this endangered species in India. Travelers here can get to see excellent view of eco system here. There are many types of habitat types in Corbett like Sal forests, rivers, mountains, grasslands, etc that offer a shelter to numerous species of birds, animals, reptiles, insects, flowers, trees, plants and bushes.

Wish to stay at Corbett National Park! No issues. Travelers have many options available to enjoy their stay in the premises of the park itself. An array of Forest Lodges at Corbett will make your stay here a comfortable matter. Some of the major Forest rest houses are Dhikala Forest Lodge, Sarapduli, Sultan, Kanda and Gairal among many others. Depending on your budget there are many wildlife resorts and hotels located in and around Corbett where you can luxuriously have a good stay alternative. These are Luxury resorts and Deluxe resorts with world class facilities available for the travelers. These accommodations are moderate in rate.

Things to do in Corbett

There are many things to do in Corbett National Park. Enjoying Wildlife of Corbett is chief among them. Spotting tigers, elephants and other mammals like leopards, langurs etc. is also exciting. If you are bird watcher, come to Corbett for some of the most exotic species of birds that are found exclusively here. Take your binoculars and get going searching for those sweet humming tones. Do not forget to click a pose or two of those docile ones.

Corbett Aafari Tours

Additionally you can have safari tours in Corbett National Park. Enjoying wildlife safaris in Corbett National Park is worthwhile. Just like other safaris, Corbett safari tours are very thrilling. There are a lot of options for adventure freaks also. Adventure activities in Corbett include Bugee jumping, Fishing and angling, Rock climbing, Nature walks, River crossing, Jeep safaris, elephant safaris. These adventure activities are just too perfect to excite your adrenaline rush.

Tours to Corbett will be a life time experience. Memorable experience and a perfect family time is what you can expect from Corbett besides enjoying exotic wildlife.






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