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Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh, one of the biggest states in India and is situated on the banks of the river Gomati, tributary of the Ganges. It is an enchanting city with its mixture of down at heel elegance, fascinating charm and unique culture - a legacy that it inherits from more gracious times when the Kingdom of Avadh (Oudh) saw the last great flowering of a civilization that began with the Mughals. The city's finest monument is the Bara Imambara. Other places of interest are the Rumi Darwaza, Chota Imambara, the Jama Masjid (Lucknow's great mosque), and the remnants of the old British Residency including La Martinere, one of the Lucknow's first large European style buildings.

Whenever people behave with utter sophistication they are addressed as ‘Lucknow ke Nawab’. Such is the aura of Lucknow that it is known for sophistication and its mannerism. The world famous ‘tunde kebabs’ the well known kothas, narrow lanes bustling with activities, lavish malls, grand structures are all landmarks of Lucknow. As a hallmark of Lucknow tours and travels, tourist cannot even think of missing out sightseeing in Lucknow.

Abundantly sprinkled with buildings of British Raj-era, the ruins of the historic Residency and audacious two superb mausoleums, Lucknow oozes historical interest. Cultural heritage of Lucknow is rich and inimitable in its own way. Tourists on tours to Lucknow are welcomed by huge entrance gates embellished with royal two-fish symbol.


Tourist Attraction

Tourist attractions of Lucknow are quite exceptional. As historical pugmarks are much deep here, the structures built here are historically prominent. Some of the major places where you can have a good time enjoying sightseeing in Lucknow are its famous gardens and parks, markets, historical buildings, temples and mosques.

You can begin your Lucknow Tours by visiting Bara Imambara, one of the most important landmarks of the city. Built by Asaf-ud-Daula in the year 1784, it is a great crowd puller. Used as a recreation house by the royalty, the complex also has a mosque in it. Another place of interest in Lucknow is Chota Imambara. As the name suggests this smaller Imambara, was built in 1837, and is said to be the brainchild of Mohammed Ali Shah.

People here also would like to explore Rumi Darwaza which is said to be part of the famine relief plans for which the bara imambara was commissioned. Located to the Northwest of the Bara Imambara, this giant gateway was built in 1783. As gardens of Lucknow are quite famous, tourist would like to visit Sikandar Bagh. This garden which was laid by Nawab Saadat Ali Khan in 1800 was later used by the last Nawab of Oudh, Wajid Ali Shah. The garden derives its name from the favorite queen, Sikandara Mahal Begum.

Tourism in Lucknow is also boosted by its well maintained and trimmed parks. Some of the famous parks of Lucknow are Buddha Park, Haathi Park, Nimbu Park, Globe Park, Begum Hazrat Mahal Park etc. If you are fond of animals and birds, you can plan a picnic at Zoo of Lucknow. Here you will find many species of flora and fauna. Children can have amazing time enjoying a ride in toy ride that runs here.

Temples of Lucknow are renowned. Hanuman Setu, Kali Baari, Kaali Mandir, Buudeshwar Mahadeva, Koneshwar, Mari Mata ka Mandir are much revered. Tile wali masjid is also worth seeing here.

Shopping in Lucknow

You can also go for shopping in Lucknow where you will have malls, supermarkets, departmental stores, emporiums catering you needs. Some of the must haves are Chicken dress fabrics like saris, dress materials, scarves etc.

You can also have a wide range of local delicacies like chats, pickles, namekeens that will pamper your taste buds.  

How to Reach

It is accessible through air as there is airport located here which has flights to and from Lucknow. Railways also link this capital city of Uttar Pradesh with other cities of state and India. Besides, there are concrete roads leading to Lucknow that connect it with other towns and cities.






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